Pervilion at Oasis Farm Waterloo

James Knight & Michael Knight:
Refraction: Oasis

James Knight & Michael Knight, Pervilion. Photo by Ottilie Landmark, courtesy Dorothy Feaver_9380.jpg

In an improvised sonic collage, the Knight brothers use modular synthesis to manipulate field recordings from Oasis Farm Waterloo and the local area along with commercially available vinyl. James says: ‘The process of refraction builds a sonic landscape that resonates with Vauxhall’s legendary place in the history of London nightlife and culture that stretches from the clubs and bars that stand today at Vauxhall Cross to the Pleasure Gardens of the 19th century and beyond. It’s being squeezed out – it’s perverse.’

Pervilion at Oasis Farm Waterloo

18 Carlisle Ln
London SE1 7LG

7 July 2018

Curated by Dorothy Feaver

Photos by Ottilie Landmark